Purchase Order Books / Rediform Purchase Order Books / Collins Purchaese Order Books

This book has a modern, clear layout enabling forms to be faxed and photocopied easily. A writing plate prevents the carbon activating on unused pages, thereby enhancing the clarity of the forms. Pages lie flat for easier writing angles. Self-carbonated for clean and easy use.

Type: Rediform Purchase Order Book - Dimensions: 210x155mm - Copies of receipt: 2 - Duplicate - Set (Number of Copies): 50 - We can Do Custom Size according to your requirement and Custom Number of Sets (Copies)

These types of printed Purchase Order products really are a useful way to productively enhance the efficiency of your own accounts or admin department's company cash flow within the business, as it means you (or your client will) only have to write out a purchase order (aka an Order Pad), or requisition order for their supplier just the once. An Order Pad usually legally confirms that a supplier will be paid.

They'll be able to keep on top of payments going out of the business and suppliers will be happy because you'll be able to quickly tie their invoice up to a purchase or requisition order number (which we print sequentially on the job for you as it's part of our NCR printing process). It's a great way for your Accounts dept to manage out-going or sub-contracted revenue and an easy way to trace a job or tie up a supplier's invoice to your system.

The great thing about that way of working is that you can make a duplicate, or triplicate purchase order there and then (if someone else needs an additional copy) without needing to photocopy etc.; plus the bonus that if you use a WHITE top sheet you can fax or photocopy this as well as required if someone needs a further copy of that sales invoice quickly before they'll pay on statement, a very NZ tactic by local companies to work credit from their suppliers.

There are a host of variations in NCR sizes and specifications available, mainly with the popular variants of two-part Duplicate Purchase Order Books, three-part printed Triplicate P/O Books and four-part printed Quadruplicate Books. In addition to those, Duplicate Purchase Order Pads, and Duplicate NCR P/O Forms are also available with our printed product range.

What colours of NCR paper are available?
Our Carbonless NCR paper combinations for DUPLICATE Purchase Order Books and Pads are normally:

- WHITE & PINK paper colour sequence
Our Carbonless NCR paper combinations for TRIPLICATE Purchase Order Books and Pads are normally:

- WHITE, YELLOW & PINK paper colour sequence
Our Carbonless NCR paper combinations for QUADRUPLICATE Carbonless Books and Pads are normally:
- WHITE, YELLOW, BLUE & PINK paper colour sequence

But I don't understand all of this “NCR” jargon
"NCR" means No Carbon Required and is also called "Carbonless" nowadays. Check out youtube videos for more.

You can supply your own Artwork or we can do the Purchase Order's artwork for you
We can also make up a bespoke design for you with whatever you want on the page. You only have to pay an extra Professional Artwork charge ($35 + GST per half-hour) for the initial one-off design set-up of the Invoice artwork within our modern graphics studios.